LED Flexible Strip Light Multi Color 5V USB Powered Mini Controller (2 – Xergy

LED Flexible Strip Light Multi Color 5V USB Powered Mini Controller (2 Meter)

Flexible Strip LED Lighting

Rs. 599.00
Rs. 599.00

XERGY USB 5V Powered RGB LED Flexible Strip Light with Mini Controller (2 Meter for 32-49" TV's)

LED Strip USB Powered RGB Multi-shading Flexible LED Strip Lighting TV Back light Background Lighting Kit - comes in various sizes 5V 5050 for HDTV, Desktop PC and so forth. It has a LED Strip of 5050 bright Led lights that come with a flexible LED strip. They are accompanied by a self-glue backing tape for simple application to practically any surface.

 It come in various color selection of 20 distinct hues - Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, White. It also has a little regulator (3 catches) on the finish of the light strip for streak guideline with up to 20 blazing modes that are accessible, including blur and strobe. It has 5 degrees of brilliance and 5 diverse speed settings that are both simple and savvy to meet all your needs. Additionally, it also Eases Eye-strain. This Bias lighting unit can assist with improving your impression of differentiation, and make board screens a lot simpler on the eyes to decrease eye exhaustion and ease eye strain.

It has simple installation so Just Plug-and-Play! It can be used with any gadgets with 5V USB including your telephone charger/connector (5V). For example, Computer, Desktop PC, PC, Tablet, Tab, Car Cigar lighter, Flat Screen TV LCD and so forth.


smaller than usual regulator television light

Mode ± Key : 20 Dynamic Modes, such as flash, waterfall, spark bright & dull exchanging knight
Color ± Key : 20 Static colors : such as red , blue , green , white etc.
Speed/Brightness ± Key : 5 level speed adjustable for Dynamic modes and 5 level brightness adjustable for static colors
This mini Controller is very easy to use , just press related key and choose the mode/speed/brightness as your need
Pressing for 3 second for Power On/Off
eye strain
3 button mini controller

The TV back light kit increases colorful lighting on the back of your TV, in order to relieve eye strain and bring you a home theater-like enjoy.

It could be charged by the USB port on the back of the TV.
Driven by device with output 5V USB port, such as your computer/ Desktop / laptop /Tablet /Car Cigar lighter etc.

You can adjust the colors, modes, speed and brightness with the mini controller.
Pressing for 3 second for Power ON/OFF

Power Saving
Low power consumption - under the premise of meeting the actual need, XERGY brand led strips light can reduce energy consumption to the greatest extent. Green & Energy saving is the development concept of XERGY ..

RGB strip light

Remove eye strain

3 button
Best for flat screens

Low Power Consumption

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