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LED Flexible Strip Light Multi Color 5V USB Powered Mini controller (4 Meter)

LED Flexible Strip Light Multi Color 5V USB Powered Mini controller (4 Meter)

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XERGY USB 5V 5050 RGB LED Flexible strip light multi color changing lighting kit, TV Background Lighting with Mini Controller for TV PC Laptop Bias Lighting (4 Meter for 50” TV’s and Above)


LED Strip USB Powered RGB Multi-shading flexible LED Strip Lighting TV Back light Background Lighting kit- comes in various sizes 5V 5050 for HDTV, Desktop PC and so on. LED Strip:  5050 Led lights that are exceptionally brilliant. It is accompanied by a self - glue backing tape for simple application to practically any perfect surface given. Numerous color selection and 20 distinct hues like – Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Pink.

It is accompanied by a little regulator (3 catches) on the finish of the light strip for a streak guideline, and has up to 20 blazing modes that are accessible, including blur and strobe. Additionally, there are 5 degrees of brilliance and 5 distinctive speed settings. It is very simple and brilliant to meets your various needs. It mitigates eye-strain and has a  bias lighting unit that can assist with improving your view of differentiation, and make broader screens a lot simpler on the eyes to diminish eye weakness and reduce eye strain.

The installation is very simple – you just need to plug-and-play. It can be installed in any device or gadget with 5V USB incorporate i.e. your telephone charger/connector (5V). For example, computer, Desktop, Tablet, Car Cigar Lighter, Flat Screen LED and etc.

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