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RGB 5050 5V USB Powered Flexible LED Strip Light Multi Color (2 Meter)

Flexible Strip LED Lighting

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XERGY 5V USB LED Flexible Strip Multicolor Options/Mode TV Background Lighting 5050 RGB IP65 200CM- 30LED/M with 17 Key Controller (Multi Color, 2 Meter)

Having a chill night after a tiring day at sounds great, however you won't be able to enjoy it the maximum if the environment you are in, is dim and strains your eyes. Our backdrop illumination strip pack helps you with illuminating your room, decreasing eye fatigue and also gives various hues and modes for surrounding lighting. It has 20 diverse light hues to pick from and 19 unique light modes to meet your necessities.

Moreover, the light brightness can be controlled by USB port directly and the plug and play can be attached to your HDTV, work area PC, PC screen and any other gadgets too. It is simple to install using a sticky tape and you can cut the drove strips along with cutting marks to match different fits.

LED strip has a supply voltage of dc 5V 1 and USB link length of 1m/3.28. It also has light shading of 20 static hues and 19 different modes.

However, there are some cautions to take while using these lights; The strip light will work normally when USB yield power surpasses 5v 1a but when yield power is lower than 5v 1a, the light will blur away, or the controller will break down briefly or it will be forever harmed. 2. You can install it on remote vehicles like bicycle, bike, or any other places without a USB port by using a versatile power bank for power flexibly.

The RF remote controller has 17 number keys and can be controlled from a distance of 8m/26.2ft It has different functions like speed adjusting, dynamic mode altering, static shading adjusting direct shading selection, and brightness altering controller fueled by: 1*cr2025 button cell(included) Its measurements are 8.7*4*0.7cm/3.4*1.6*0.3in(L*W*H)  and can be installed after Cleaning the back of the HDTV with wet fabric and letting it dry naturally  and then Stripping off one side of the sticky tape and sticking it to the backside of your HDTV/work area screen. You can then connect the USB connector to power on!

Mode ± Key : 20 Dynamic Modes, such as flash, waterfall, spark bright & dull exchanging knight
Color ± Key : 7 Static colors : such as red , blue , green , white etc.
Speed/Brightness ± Key : 5 level speed adjustable for Dynamic modes and 5 level brightness adjustable for static colors
This 17 Key Remote Controller is very easy to use , just press related key and choose the mode/speed/brightness as your need
A Dedicated Button for every function / purpose..
relieve eyestrain
usb powered
remote control

The TV back light kit increases colorful lighting on the back of your TV, in order to relieve eye strain and bring you a home theater-like enjoy.

It could be charged by the USB port on the back of the TV.
Driven by device with output 5V USB port,Such at your computer/ Desktop / laptop /Tablet /Car Cigar lighter etc.

17 Key Remote Controller : This Strip Light can easily control by a Remote controller which includes in package.

Easily change any color any mode adjust brightness and many more features now on your finger tips.

you can make easily changes in lighting color at a certain distance.(8m/26.2ft)

Dynamic Adjustments...

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