Xergy 12 Pcs Rose Flowers Artificial Faux Silk Roses Height 10.6" Red

Xergy 12 Pcs Rose Flowers Artificial Faux Silk Roses Height 10.6" Red Peach Pink Color ,12 pcs Leaves and Stems Real Looking Roses for Vases DIY Bouquets (Peach Pink and Red)

Rs. 999.00 Rs. 399.00

These real looking rose flowers can be often seen in the wedding, banquet, family gathering, birthday, candlelight dinner, Valentine's Day and so on, also applied for making flower balls, wrist flowers, boutonniere, garlands, cake decoration or other ornaments, which can become centerpieces in many occasions , these artificial rose flowers have bright and vibrant colors, not easy to fade, so easy for you to maintain comparing with fresh flowers, also flower petals are not easy to fall or perish, which can keep them open and serve you for a long period

Texture Material: Our every petal is wrapped with latex, and then a rose texture is made on the latex, which looks more realistic in appearance. At the same time, the texture of the latex is very similar to that of rose petals, and it is obviously different from the ordinary silk material imitation rose in feel

Specifications: The product consists of 12 individual roses containing realistic rhizomes and leaves. A single rose is 10 inches long and has a head diameter of 3.5 inches. You can use it in bundles or in single

Applicable scenarios: Weddings, Valentine's Day, home decoration, anniversaries, birthday dessert tables, photography and other occasions, all very suitable for ZMZQ&flw real touch roses

DIY: The rhizome of the bouquet contains steel wire, which can be bent in various shapes to suit your needs. If the rhizomes are too long, they can also be trimmed. It is recommended that you buy a variety of colors to match the scene

24-hour service: During transportation, bouquets are prone to bumps and can be restored after sorting. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us, we will serve you at all times

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